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Chris Beran
Exhibitions Creative Engineer

Santa Fe - MeowWolf INC


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    Senior Technical Design & Production Manager

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Exhibitions Creative Engineer



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they / them

26th of January

My Past

Studied a myriad of disciplines at Santa Fe University of Art and Design including photography, metalworking, projection mapping, and animation.

Collaborated with musicians to do live audio visual performances.

Past Collaborations include:

  • Long View, Don Kenell, Burning Man 2018, Toronto Light Festival
  • White Fox Archetype
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  • El Ten Eleven
  • The Maya Spectra
  • Venus and the Lion

Projects in the House Of Eternal Return:

  • TV Tunnel
  • Projection Mapping ( Shanty Town projection mapping, Ruins Face projection mapping, House Facade projection mapping)
  • Living Room Entertainment System

Started out as an intern with Meow Wolf during the early stages of the House of Eternal Return build. Worked as a Docent Lead for 8 months after HoER opened which gave many insights into the actual operation of many tech projects, and large scale permanent art installation. Currently working as a Creative Engineer.

My Present


Current Position:

Artist / Exhibitions Creative Engineer

Assist in designing, prototyping, and executing immersive art experiences by working with Tech, Fab, Art, XD, Creative Direction, and Platform teams


Essential Responsibilities

  1. Assist in day to day communication between CS teams
  2. Assist in the ideation of future MW experiences
  3. Prototype future MW experiences
  4. Execute MW experiences
  5. Lead/assist tech install teams

Technical Skills & Expertise

  1. TouchDesigner programming
  2. Max / Jitter programming
  3. Arduino programming
  4. Projection Mapping
  5. Circuit design and construction
  6. Device hacking
  7. Low voltage infrastructure
  8. High voltage (limited to informational understanding)
  9. Limited Technical writing
  10. Animation and video optimization
  11. Large amounts of install experience
My Future


My goals are still broad strokes at the time of writing:

  1. Continue to build deeper programming skills
  2. Increase knowledge of other systems (low voltage, high voltage, etc)
  3. Increase my capacity to work on metal fabrication projects
  4. Balance my work between MW and personal projects
  5. Balance work and play (relaxation)
  6. Find two programs or processes and become a specialist in them (TouchDesigner, Fusion, Unity, etc)


Leveling Up

  1. Continue building my fab skills
  2. Continue building my programming skills
  3. Continue building projection mapping skills

My Skills

Arduino, Design Development (Tech Team), Generative Systems, Ideation, Photoshop, projection art, Python, TouchDesigner, video art