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Amanda Raby
Graphic Design Lead

Santa Fe - Meow Wolf INC


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Graphic Design Lead




Personal Details

She, Her, Hers

25th of February

About Me

I'm a design leader, brand strategist, and creative marketing innovator with a passion for purpose-driven experience and social-purpose art. For over 20 years, I've helped individuals and organizations liberate the genius of their brands using inbound marketing, design innovation, data-informed strategy, and the skillful influence of emotional experiences. I'm a vocalist, songwriter, and performance artist - having performed public rituals, power pop sets, and clowning acts at festivals and events internationally. I offer creative liberation workshops and video coaching based on vocal play, Tibetan yoga, and psycho-magic.

My Past

Directed the marketing, design, and branding of all public events for two cirque-inspired New York nightclubs, House of Yes and House of X over the winter of 2021-2022.

Led the marketing, branding, communications, and content strategies for the largest non-profit provider of immigrant children’s shelters, Southwest Key Programs.

Directed Enchantments Media’s brand architecture, marketing strategy, content strategy, copywriting, and creative content for the YouTube channel, and coaching platform.

Founded Wiv Luv Entertainment – a fiscally-sponsored non-profit to promote bio-remediation education, community partnerships, and environmental advocacy. Produced transformation micro-festivals and event activations. Impacted the community to take action against Formosa Plastics, resulting in Texas’ largest winning lawsuit to date.

Directed the design and branding for the two largest architectural finishings brands in the nation, Daltile, and American Olean. Won SQ1 Agency’s packaging and rich-media campaigns with copy and designs for Wholly Guacamole’s Supper Sauces. Designed franchise decks and ad campaigns for TGIFridays. Designed social campaigns for Michael’s Crafts.

Directed the brand identity, design, and marketing creative for five international retail CPG brands including Simple Solution, OUT!, and Vet’s Best.



House of X, Manhattan – Vocal Performance Residency – 2022

Lightning in a Bottle – Electronic and Acoustic Sets + Roving Characters 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017

Lagunitas Beer Circus – Electronic Sets + MC + Roving Characters 2014, 2016, 2018

Boom Fest – Electronic and Acoustic Sets + Roving Characters 2013

Envision Fest – Electronic and Acoustic Sets + Roving Characters 2016

Art Outside – Electronic and Acoustic Sets + Variety Show Hosting + Roving Characters 2014, 2015, 2016

La Petite Hermitage, Hollywood – Vocal Performance Residency – 2013

SXSW – Musical performer, Aerial Performer & Roving Characters 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019

Land without Evil – Aerial Theatrical Production – Aerials + Vocals 2012

My Present

Uphold company graphics standards for all company logos, images, and visuals.

Manage the brands and graphic standards for all Meow Wolf Omega Mart marketing design: troubleshoot production issues, and perform press checks and remediation with vendors.

Work with partners, agencies, and vendors to facilitate project progress.

Print – Provide format adjustment, typesetting services, layout design, and asset modification upon request.

Work with external media groups and agencies to assure proper formatting, output file types, and dimension constraints.

Internet – Provide general and creative development services for internet advertising placements as necessary.

Work with internal/external partners to assure proper file formats and quality of deliverables. Coordinate the internal approval process of materials.

Working with the Marketing Campaign Manager, the Visual Development Director, and the SVP of Brand, guide the approval of all marketing, advertising, and collateral materials produced by Meow Wolf partners, vendors and agencies.

My Future

Partner with AR and VR designers to create an immersive experience that tells the story of my father’s death and rebirth into thunderstorms. I’d like to learn to use voice/melody-activated videos of thunderstorms and set designs.

Refine animation and CSS skills to create interactive and immersive stories and edu-media.

Improve skills in Sketch and Figma.

Support Meow Wolf’s long-term vision of the new world!

I plan to develop a Zen Arts retreat and intentional community with a capsule hotel + event/concert space + permaculture school + heirloom gardens + integrated neighborhood development. Would love to discuss the vision with Meow Wolf leaders and explore partnering on a Meow Wolf Ranch with co-creators! #texasranchersforlyfe

My Skills

Acting, advocacy, aerial circus arts, Art, audio production, Behavioral Science, body art, Branding, Build cool stuff that's never been built before., Business Intelligence, Choreography, Copywriting, Cosplay, costuming, Country Singing, Dancing, Design Development (Tech Team), Digital Illustration, Dreaming, Email Marketing, Empathy, Gardening, Google Analytics, Gospel Singing, Graphic Design, Guitar, headdress making, Human Interaction, Ideation, Illustration, improv, Inspiring Others, lyra, Lyric Memorization, makeup application, management, Marketing Science, mask making, Mechanical Design, Merchandising, Music Production, Networking, Open Frameworks, painting, Pen & Ink Illustration, People, Performing, Photoshop, planning, problem solving, Project Management, Public Speaking, Publication Design, Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis, research, Scripting, sculpting, sculpture, sewing, Singing, Social Media, strategy development, surface decor, tarot, textile art, Type Design, Typography, upholstery, video art, Video Editing, Video Production, Virtualization Technologies, Web Development, Web-based Applications, Weird art, yoga