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Alethea Avramis
Creative Producer

Santa Fe - Meow Wolf INC


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Creative Producer



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20th of October

About Me

I'm an LA-based Creative Producer for MW.

My Past

My background is in film and immersive storytelling. I got my MFA from UCLA’s film school and made several shorts that went to global festivals before making my feature film debut in 2020.

I began working in the then-burgeoning industry of VR/AR/MR in 2015 and worked for some of the most well-established production companies as a creative director and creative producer, Specular Theory in LA and French VR studio Atlas V where I brought nearly a dozen VR experiences to A-list festivals and successful global distribution, and negotiated partnerships with Disney StudioLab, Verizon, Google, and Dreamscape immersive among others.

Titles brought to market include SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2018 (released on Oculus in May 2020) and was produced with Darren Aronofsky, and the two Emmy-nominated animated VR experiences BattleScar with Rosario Dawson and Gloomy Eyes with Colin Farrell.

I first came to Meow Wolf/HoER in 2018 when I was brokering a partnership between Atlas V and MW. Then got hooked on physical, location-based immersive experiences and was invited to join MW by then-head of MWE Nic Gonda. It’s been a great ride and very proud to have joined the company.

My Present

After serving as Content Director/Creative Producer on the Projected Desert project in Vegas and general Creative Producer for Vegas, I am now producing all our hero animated content for the Denver exhibit.