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Adrea Gibbs
Senior Director, Core Operations

Santa Fe - Meow Wolf INC


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Senior Director, Core Operations




Personal Details

25th of March

About Me

Live entertainment + guest experience + operations = Adrea. Internationally experienced and as equally influences, having worked on some of the strangest projects in the strangest places, she is fluent in show creation, project development, branding, training programs (entertainment/customer service), hospitality, retail, merchandising, child development programming, fitness programming, and lots of stuff in-between. That’s what happens when you work in entertainment and like to eat after a contract has finished. You find an opportunity, explore new horizons, and eek out (sometimes) paycheck. New doors opened. Adrea runs through. Sometimes with success. Sometimes with failure. Always with a valuable lesson to be learned and new skills gleaned. And she like to bake cupcakes.

My Past

Working with 100 Indian village folkdancers and turning them into highly accomplished “Disney-esque” performers with 17 shows in production. Creating a one-of-a-kind aeriel parade for a Dutch theme park. Turning Fiddler on the Roof on its ear when having to be strangely resourceful in the casting and garnering unexpected accolades. Weird stuff like that.

My Skills

Acting, aerial circus arts, baking, Branding, Choreography, costuming, improv, Performing, problem solving, Puppetry, Show Directing, writing