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Please use this form to request expense approvals from leadership.

  • Project
    • Construction (capital) in a large investment of a future House or Unique site
    • These large capital projects must be approved by OCEO and BoD
      • Project spend should be approved by project management and project controller (Susan Wood)
  • Capital
    • Non-project investment that possess both of the following criteria:
      • Total investment greater than $2,500
      • Finished product with a useful life greater than 1 year
    • Such investments must be reviewed and approved by accounting using Small Project Setup Notification form prior to spending requests
  • Pre-Ops
    • Spend related to pre-opening activities of large capital Project (future site)
    • Approval for to spend against this category is as follows:
      • Merchandise (new) – Luciano
      • Marketing – Didi Bethurum
      • All other – Amanda Clay (or designate)
  • Operating
    • Expenses to support ongoing activities of the company and not deemed to meet a capital expense

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Does this affect the Expensify submission process?
Nope. Once your request is approved using the Expense Request Form, you can order what you need and then submit the expense through Expensify.

What is the difference between project, operational, and capital expense?

Operating Expense: An operating expenditure is an expense that a business incurs through its normal business operation and is represented by the line item in your department checkbook. For example, office supplies, contract labor, meals and entertainment.

Capital Expense: A capital expenditure is a purchase that will buy, maintain, or improve a fixed asset. For example, a computer, a building, a paint booth, or a vehicle. At this time, any tangible purchase that costs at least $1,200 with a useful life of one year is a capital expense. Capital expenses are also typically listed within your original department budget.

Project: A project means that the $ is coming out of our budget for Denver or Vegas only. Any other project should be considered an operating expense.

What happens if I don’t get a response after 24hrs?
The Approver receives and automatic “ping” to remind them to consider the expense. Outstanding items will be tracked, and if there is an unexplained delay beyond 3 days we will follow up on your behalf.

What if I need someone to help me troubleshoot this process?
Reach out directly to Chad or Elisa who will help you to navigate this process.

If I am an Approver, where do I go to review outstanding requests that need my attention?
Search for the email notification or Go to your Dashboard on the Shrimp Meow Wolf intranet site and look to the upper right hand side of the page. There, you will see the Notice of Outstanding Requests that you need to approve.

How do I find out who are the designated approvers?
You can track who has approved and who has not approved your request in the intranet, too. Use this link, or go to the dashboard on the Shrimps Meow Wolf Page, look to the upper right side of the page at Pending Tasks, click on Form Status, and voila.

What if I disagree with the “Approvers” designated to consider my request?
Reach out to Chad or Elisa, who will help to set things right if there has been a mistake.

How do I find out if my request is approved?
You will be notified via email once your request has been approved. If it is rejected by any of the designated approvers, you will receive notice via email and have the opportunity to resubmit the request.