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Sending an NDA to an external party
If sending for external signature, this form will send a Non-Disclosure Agreement to the external party with the fields you provide below already completed— all they have to do is sign. You will receive a copy of the completed NDA in your email. If you do not know all of the information below, the external party can also provide or edit those fields.

Populating MW’s NDA database
Meow Wolf’s NDA’s are now collected in a searchable database to allow us to identify existing relationships and track expiration of these agreements. You can search the NDA database here and the CAT NDA database here. NDAs sent from this form or the CAT NDA form will automatically enter their databases as of March 2020. If you have a Drive folder, .CSV list, or another source of NDA’s that aren’t shown in the database, you can submit them for inclusion here.

Looking for the CAT/Tour NDA?
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