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Upcoming Birthdays

 Chris Beran 26th of January
 Cheyenne Brazil 26th of January
 Briar Schwartz 27th of January
 Tara Senor 28th of January
 Lucas Cudia 29th of January
 Wylla Skye 29th of January
 Angela Moncada 1st of February
 Casey Ferber 1st of February
 Olivia Brown 3rd of February

New Teammates

 Will Moss 02/07/2022
 Jeffrey Nguyen 01/31/2022
 Christopher Soley 01/31/2022
 Jennifer Van Wiel 01/31/2022
 Salvador Franco 01/24/2022
 Sarah Smith 01/24/2022
 Kayla Illgen 01/18/2022
 Kristie Wang 01/17/2022
 Ashley Bittner 01/17/2022
 Dani Mardayat 01/17/2022