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Upcoming Birthdays

 Jaimie Papp 20th of May
 Andy England 21st of May
 Marley Prudeaux 22nd of May
 Liz Thorp 22nd of May
 Johan Hernandez 23rd of May
 Allyson Lupovich 24th of May
 Annie Siegel 25th of May
 Shappine Servano 27th of May
 Brea Kennedy 27th of May

New Teammates

 Amanda Raby 05/18/2022
 Jaelyn Hart-Taylor 05/16/2022
 Jasmine Lopez 05/16/2022
 Janelly Godinez 05/16/2022
 Sage Robba 05/16/2022
 PJ Coffey 05/16/2022
 Teresa Muniz-Ceja 05/16/2022
 Nessa Armijo 05/16/2022
 Jesse Wilson 05/16/2022
 Alina Xiong 05/16/2022