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Upcoming Birthdays

 Justin Crouch 22nd of October
 Kalaja Olguin 22nd of October
 Cory Hamic 23rd of October
 Simmy Voong 23rd of October
 Sarah Bradley 25th of October
 Vito Ippolito 26th of October
 Connor Mejias-Mariani 26th of October
 K80 27th of October
 Haley Lucero 27th of October
 Karen Lembke 28th of October
 Dominique Chavira 29th of October
 Megan Posner 30th of October
 Sam Taccetta 30th of October
 Les Stuck 30th of October

New Teammates

 James Tolliver 10/18/2021
 David Carroll 10/18/2021
 Duke Ducheneaux 10/18/2021
 Zachary Olin 10/18/2021
 Wyatt Tafoya 10/18/2021
 Nick Schell 10/18/2021
 Troy Houldin 10/04/2021
 Christine Anderson 10/04/2021
 Kathryn Griffin 10/04/2021
 Nathan Sparks 10/04/2021